How to Survive Finals Week


I think it’s fair to say that the most stressful week of any college student’s life is currently upon us, Finals Week. That’s right, it get’s capitalization because it’s almost like a national holiday. Papers, cumulative exams, it can turn the most joyful time in a young person’s life into hell on earth. So, here are my Top 5 tips I’ve learned through my almost 2 years in college to survive Finals Week.

1) Don’t Panic – Coldplay said it best. If you panic, you go insane. Take a deep breathe and realize that this week will be over quicker than it comes.


2) Start Early – Don’t procrastinate (like yours truly) on work. Whether you have one or five finals, get a head start on material.


3) Take a Break Sometime! – Club Ellis can start to look like a insane asylum if you’re there too long.

If you’ve  studied for a while, take a break. Go on a short stroll downtown and get some lunch, without the books and laptop. It’ll release some stress and get your mind off work for a bit.


4) Find Friends – You not getting the material you’re studying? Time to make some new friends. Hit up people you know in your class and try to meet up for a study group. The more the merrier. If you’re the shy type, try the Student Success Center! People are always there to help out, and you can make a new amigo in the process.


5) Be Confident – Go into that exam as if you run the world. If you walk in there expecting to fail, you probably will. But if you go in there with confidence that you will do good, you will get through that dreaded exam so quick, you’ll be surprised.

Take my advice, and see what happens. Good Luck Everyone!






Adam Yauch 1964 – 2012


One of my favorite MC’s, Adam “MCA” Yauch, passed away today after a 3-year battle with cancer. The cause of his death is unknown as of now, but Yauch went public when he revealed he had cancer in a salivary gland in his neck back in July of 2009. If you don’t know, Yauch is one of the founding members of the legendary hip-hop group The Beastie Boys, this year was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which Yauch was unable to attend. He is survived by his wife and daughter. He will truly be missed. 


Caine’s Arcade

This is a very touching short film I found on the web last week. A nine-year-old boy named Caine spent his summer building a working and functioning arcade completely out of boxes and his dad’s auto parts. Once filmmaker Nirvan Mullick learned of Caine’s arcade, he found out that Caine was not getting the amount of customers he had hoped. So, Mullick decided to take things in his and documented the story. Check it out!

J2150 Mobile Project – Opening the Velvet Cupcake

For my J2150 mobile project, I was craving some sweet this morning, so I decided to head to the Velvet Cupcake, located on 23 8th Street here in downtown Columbia. I wanted to see how a day begins at the trendy new bakery that has everyone talking.
Velvet Cupcake is located on 8 23 Street in downtown Columbia.

Opening this past December, Velvet Cupcake has been satisfying the residence of Columbia’s sweet tooth for the past 4 months. The store opens everyday at 7am, and closes at 7pm on the weekdays, and 9pm on the weekends. As you walk in, you are greeted by rows of cupcakes just waiting to be taken. Velvet Cupcake has over 20 different flavors with various ones released throughout the day. They also sell various pastries, like scones, Danishes, quiches, and cinnamon rolls.

Today’s showcase flavors included tiramisu, s’mores, red velvet, and many more!

I was lucky enough to get access downstairs to the kitchen area to see the baking in action!

A worker from the Tiger Hotel (which owns Velvet Cupcake), leads me to the kitchen area.

I met Laurel Dunwoody, a pastry chef here at the Velvet Cupcake. Hailing from Kansas City, but currently living in Jefferson City, she is fairly new to Velvet Cupcake, having only worked 2 months now. Arriving at 6am, Dunwoody says she bakes over 200 cupcakes a day.

Dunwoody creating flowers on all of the mini white butter cream cupcakes being given out today.

She has been baking cupcakes since high school and spent 20 years baking in the operation management and health care system. “It’s a stress relief, it gets me in my zone,” she said as I asked why she enjoys baking cupcake. Since working, Dunwoody has introduced three new flavors to the menu: chocolate almond fudge, Heath (after the candy bar), and mojito.

Dunwoody shows me the cupcakes already baked for the main store display.

Today, she was whipping up mini vanilla cupcakes with white butter cream for a special promotion happening today in Columbia. The cupcakes will be given out at various sororities and businesses downtown and luckily, she gave me one to try!

Dunwoody teaching me how to create flowers on the cupcakes.

The Velvet Cupcake currently has a special contest going on where people can “build” their own cupcake, with the winner having their cupcake displayed in the store and getting one dozen free cupcakes! Entries must be submitted by April 30, so stop by soon and enjoy at the Velvet Cupcake! I surely did!

I couldn’t resist testing out the s’mores cupcakes.

One Year With Foursqure


Ever since I got my iPhone, (Ivy Blue Carter, named after Beyonce & Jay-Z’s baby…) I love discvering new apps. I’ve talked about Instagram on a previous blog, but now, it’s time to introduce one of my all-time favorite apps, Foursquare.

Professor Varns, if you’ve ever seen my on my phone as I walk into your class, it’s not because I’m texting someone at 9 a.m., (not that cool…) but it’s because I’m “checking-in” the social media game. Basically on Foursquare, when you go to differnt places (fast food, Jesse Hall, gas stations, etc..) you “check-in” on the app. The object is to check-in everywhere you go, and if you check-in a certain place enough, you become the “Mayor” of that certain location. There’s competition involved, because you can steal people’s mayorships for other Foursqure users and add your friends (sorta like a Facebook/MySpace) and see what places they’re at.People can also leave reviews of places for other Foursquare users to see!

Here on campus, I’m the mayor of my residence hall (College Avenue), a dining hall (Plaza 900), and my dentist office back at home. Along the way, you can earn badges for various task, like checking into differnt gyms (Gym Ray badge)


checking into the place where the Wizard of Oz was filmed (You’re not in Kansas Anymore badge),Image…and many, many more.

There are some also cool offers too. If you check into some places (mainly food/drink type places) you can unlock a coupon that you can show to the cashier to get free treats! If you check into the Market on Hitt St., you get a free soda… can’t beat that huh?

Try out the Foursquare app if you haven’t! Warning: it will get addictive if you play for a week or two. The competition of taking people’s mayorships will overcome and once you start, you can’t stop. Clearly, I’m evidence of that.


So, Spring Break is JUST around the corner, (2 days to be exact) and I hope you’re planning to stay with my blog during that time because I will be updating several times as a special Spring Break treat! I know I’m always talking about Virginia, so I’ll definitely post some pictures of my homeland to prove why it’s the greatest state in America 🙂


Take Care,




P.S.: My birthday is tomorrow… 20 years old… where does the time go….