How to Survive Finals Week


I think it’s fair to say that the most stressful week of any college student’s life is currently upon us, Finals Week. That’s right, it get’s capitalization because it’s almost like a national holiday. Papers, cumulative exams, it can turn the most joyful time in a young person’s life into hell on earth. So, here are my Top 5 tips I’ve learned through my almost 2 years in college to survive Finals Week.

1) Don’t Panic – Coldplay said it best. If you panic, you go insane. Take a deep breathe and realize that this week will be over quicker than it comes.


2) Start Early – Don’t procrastinate (like yours truly) on work. Whether you have one or five finals, get a head start on material.


3) Take a Break Sometime! – Club Ellis can start to look like a insane asylum if you’re there too long.

If you’ve  studied for a while, take a break. Go on a short stroll downtown and get some lunch, without the books and laptop. It’ll release some stress and get your mind off work for a bit.


4) Find Friends – You not getting the material you’re studying? Time to make some new friends. Hit up people you know in your class and try to meet up for a study group. The more the merrier. If you’re the shy type, try the Student Success Center! People are always there to help out, and you can make a new amigo in the process.


5) Be Confident – Go into that exam as if you run the world. If you walk in there expecting to fail, you probably will. But if you go in there with confidence that you will do good, you will get through that dreaded exam so quick, you’ll be surprised.

Take my advice, and see what happens. Good Luck Everyone!






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