One Year With Foursqure


Ever since I got my iPhone, (Ivy Blue Carter, named after Beyonce & Jay-Z’s baby…) I love discvering new apps. I’ve talked about Instagram on a previous blog, but now, it’s time to introduce one of my all-time favorite apps, Foursquare.

Professor Varns, if you’ve ever seen my on my phone as I walk into your class, it’s not because I’m texting someone at 9 a.m., (not that cool…) but it’s because I’m “checking-in” the social media game. Basically on Foursquare, when you go to differnt places (fast food, Jesse Hall, gas stations, etc..) you “check-in” on the app. The object is to check-in everywhere you go, and if you check-in a certain place enough, you become the “Mayor” of that certain location. There’s competition involved, because you can steal people’s mayorships for other Foursqure users and add your friends (sorta like a Facebook/MySpace) and see what places they’re at.People can also leave reviews of places for other Foursquare users to see!

Here on campus, I’m the mayor of my residence hall (College Avenue), a dining hall (Plaza 900), and my dentist office back at home. Along the way, you can earn badges for various task, like checking into differnt gyms (Gym Ray badge)


checking into the place where the Wizard of Oz was filmed (You’re not in Kansas Anymore badge),Image…and many, many more.

There are some also cool offers too. If you check into some places (mainly food/drink type places) you can unlock a coupon that you can show to the cashier to get free treats! If you check into the Market on Hitt St., you get a free soda… can’t beat that huh?

Try out the Foursquare app if you haven’t! Warning: it will get addictive if you play for a week or two. The competition of taking people’s mayorships will overcome and once you start, you can’t stop. Clearly, I’m evidence of that.


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