They’re Baaaack

Never after “The Incident” did I think I would be introducing a song made by Rihanna and Chris Brown… 2 songs for that matter.

Even if you’re not big into the R&B/Pop music scene, I think it’s safe to say many people recognize and know Chris Brown and Rihanna. If you are unaware, back in 2008, Brown severally beat his then girlfriend, RIhanna, after leaving a Grammy party just a day before the Grammy’s. Since then, Brown was charged with assault and was sentenced a 5 year restraining order + must be 50 yards away from Rihanna… 10 yards at public events (award shows)

Many have speculated that Rihanna and Chris Brown have been singing to each other through music, (that’s another topic we can get into later) but recently just making headlines, Brown is featured on the official remix of Rihanna’s new single “Birthday Cake.” On the other end, Rihanna is featured on Brown’s new single “Turn Up the Music.” The two reportedly we’re not together during the recording of the songs and…



….i’m iffy on this matter. I’m all for forgiveness and yes, what Chris Brown did was wrong and you should have NEVER laid his hands on anybody for that matter… but to make songs together? I just don’t know…

What do you think? I know probably Professor Varns will be reading this blog post, but if you happen to stumble across this blog post, shoot me a reply! I’ll post the Birthday Cake remix later on today… with the lyrics… maybe that will have some influence on what you decide…



Instagram is a social photography application on the iPhone which allows it’s users to basically take pictures of people, places, or things and change the effects of it with Instagram’s cool filters. Okay, now I bet some real photographers that have neevr heard of Instagram are like, “Can’t you do that with a real camera?” And then I’ll say “no.” With over 15 filters, there is such a wide variety of options people can turn their photos into. Some filters for example include “1977,” which allows users to transform change their photos into a style and texture back in the Disco-era, “Inkwell,” which turns photos into this vintage black and white, and many more.

Not only does Instagram take pictures, but it allows users to follow other Instagram users and “like” their photos they share. It’s become like worldwide social photography community, and the thing is… you don’t have to be this Chase Jarvis, Terry Richardson expert to get in on the action! Instagram was voted “App of the Year” in 2011 and with growing success, Instagram will be coming to the Android App Market sometime this year. If you haven’t downloaded the Instagram app, i’d give it a test run!…oh by the way, it’s FREE.

Here are some of my photos of taken around campus. Feel free to follow me @carledwards!


I have to confess. I love Beyonce. I have loved this woman since the beginning of the Destiny’s Child era. No lie, my locker in middle school was filled with pictures of her and all of her greatness. When she started dating rapper and hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z… yeah, it was a heartbreaker at first, but I overcome that, and now I’m in love with the BOTH of them. They are one of America’s most powerful couples, with Jay-Z owner of Rocawear clothing, million-dollar endorsements with companies like Budweiser and Chevy, and part owner of the New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets. And Beyonce…. well, do I really need to list her accomplishments?

Last night, Jay and B released photos of their first child Blue Ivy Carter! There was a lot buzz surrounding what publication was going to get the first photos of the baby girl, but the couple decided to release them to America themselves on the poplar social site, Tumblr. Here’s destiny’s child! (get it?)

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Tears are streaming down my face. Congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce again!